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Blackout Rugby is a free text-based browser game about rugby management. Your Club is an important section because it allows you to be aware of your team members and it gives you an opportunity to think about tactics. Your Club also offers you a possibility to train your players, get sponsors, expand your stadium, build facilities etc. Stay in touch with news, hire the coach and trainers, keep your financial situation under control, win matches and reach the top.

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208 votes, average: 4.77 out of 5 208 votes, average: 4.77 out of 5 208 votes, average: 4.77 out of 5 208 votes, average: 4.77 out of 5 208 votes, average: 4.77 out of 5 (208 votes, average: 4.77 out of 5) Rate it
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25 comments on “Blackout Rugby

  • John says:

    Been playing for 5 years and this as got to be the best rugby game online. If you like rugby you will like this.

  • Jorgen says:

    Best ever game! Been playing it for 5 years and still totally addicted to it.

  • Ballas15 says:

    I have one word for Blackout rugby - TOTALLY ADICTIVE!

    Okay, that's 2 words, but you get the picture!

  • Kevin Landsberg says:

    Amazing realistic game, which has a lot of features to use and is completely free to play! If you pay for a premium membership, you get more detailled information on matches, players etc.

  • NicoH says:

    Very Addictive game, interactive and your imagination is limitless re team selection and tactics. Your daily dose of rugby without politics to ruin your club success.
    Once You are familier with how to run your balance sheet and weekly finances vs player expenses, you can always opt to spend the extra cash in you club account on upgrading to better skilled players.
    Upgrade your manager status and become a manager of the National U20 or even the National Team itself of any particular country.

  • Harry says:

    Absorbing game. The match commentaries are fabulous, and the way in which each season is paced to end interesting - ace.

  • James says:

    Been playing for 6 years, Great game which is constantly being improved by the developers! Easily one of the best sports management games out there!!

  • Monzter_Machine says:

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  • bamesbeard says:

    Having played various sport management games, Blackout is easily the best looking, easiest to navigate and most fun to play!
    Other sites could do with taking a few notes from these guys.

  • wing says:

    Best game ever the possibilities are endless, played 25 seasons and could easily play another 25 and still have things left to do

  • tommi says:

    in since season 1, we are now in season 26: best management game i ever tried!

  • Snowden says:

    Great rugby sim with a lot of depth, been playing for 4 years, not stopping anytime soon!

  • Dream Killers RFC says:

    By far the best sport management game you will find anywhere. But as others have said, you will become addicted!!

  • flintoff says:

    I started in 2011, going strong and enjoying the challenge. Great commentary, simple or more advanced tactics with substitutions that impact on the result. If you like rugby you will love this game. Play the game how you want: fancy a team of 14 forwards and a kicker, playing rugby ala England 1991 - you can do it. Want to have a back line that runs from anywhere; easy to do. Want to play Warrenball or permanently pressurise their back three with up and unders - all very possible. Will they work...? That is the question.

  • Dahicandaz says:

    Can win prizes in the game with tipping competitions,
    Free vs Premium - No in game play advantage-
    Premium you can have more than 1 team at a cost but this is No Advantage to free.
    Most mentors are premium and an give you good tips to start off with.
    Very Long Haul playing game and Must have patience. Just log in every 6 weeks if you feel bored at the start and soon you will see how much your team has improved.
    Team, Player and In game Training.
    Friendly Comps on Mondays, Thursdays and anytime friendly comps as well(only monday gives you in game training).
    Trophies for all to see. Can be a National or U20s coach or assistant.
    Great game

    • Dahicandaz says:

      just add on here to clarify about only Monday gives you in game training( This is for the friendly comps and You also get in game training with Cup and League Matches.

  • Erik says:

    Blackout Rugby is a complex, yet very rewarding, online rugby management game. If you want a simple browser game, look elsewhere. If you want something much deeper, take a look at BR.

  • amz says:

    I am playing this game from 6 already and I can say is one the best strategy games I ever encountered; added to that, the community is great!

  • Petoors says:

    Fantastic rugby union management game. Its not your typical fantasy rugby game. So much more than that. If you want to play a realistic rugby management game this is the game for you. Getting and playing your own team is free.

  • Redsteel says:

    The best sports management game on the net and I have played almost all of them. It will require a bit of time to get started but is so addictive it will pass quickly and once you are set up, the game is simple and does not require much time. If you don't like paying for online games, even better as the developers constantly improve the game play experience and make a conscious effort to give paying members a simpler and more time saving gameplay with absolutely no advantage

  • RAJAHIRONS says:

    Awesome sport management game. You can't buy success with real money, you need to strategically plot a long term plan while the game is constantly evolving. Been playing for 7 years and still find it highly enjoyable.

  • Benski says:

    I've been playing this for years. a truly excellent sports strategy game, especially if you are a rugby fan. If you enjoy long term strategy games then give Blackout Rugby a try and you won't look back.

  • Scionn says:

    Playing to this game from 2 years. Simply wonderfull, great community, great tactics development, great game, you MUST try this if you think all other sport management games are to much simple....

  • Meyr says:

    Great game! But watch out! Once you start it's impossible to stop.

  • rightwing says:

    I`ve been playing for 4 years and is the best online game ever!!!! If you love rugby or just love sport, come to play!!

  • Welshells says:

    It's a great game and easy to get into. Full of the strategy and knowledge of rugby. A must have for any sports fan.

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