Mafia Omerta

Mafia Omerta is an online mafia game. Visit the black market to buy guns, drugs, explosives, vehicles and scrap items. In the store you can purchase beat weapons such as shovel, brass knuckles, lead pipe, steel chain, sledgehammer and baseball bat. In the store you can also spend Omerta points to buy punching bag, dictionary, business plan, law degree, and so forth. Take a look at the job list and do different jobs to increase your strength and earn money. You can choose between smaller and bigger jobs. You get one Omerta point by completing every small job. In casino you can buy chips and play blackjack.

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24 comments on “Mafia Omerta

  • Kitty says:

    Here it is 2 yrs later still playing loving this game. Still addicting.

  • TwiZted Nightmare says:

    Good addictive game. Love it!!!

  • Coochie says:

    new round has started with nice changes! weeeee and the Coochie is back!

  • Pupetta Maresca says:

    Another awesome Round BOB!!! Thank you and see you in a week!

  • Coochie says:

    Another round complete and thank you for allowing me into your game site. Congratulations to Kitty for winning the Omerta Survivor series!

  • LuLu LacaLoco says:

    vote vote vote

  • Coochie says:

    Great Game indeed and I too have been playing since the Beta Version. Each round gets better and better.

  • TraceyLee says:

    I was absolutely clueless when I came about. Everyone reached out and offered support, answered any questions... It's a true community and while yes I'm still slightly clueless (lol) I'm blessed to be apart of it.

  • Vito Gizmo says:

    Very addictive. I love the game and it is a lot of fun!

  • Cameron McGregor says:

    My first RP based and Mafia Game... Needless to say I am hooked! As a former "sports game guy" and "call of duty guys", this game is arguably More addicting. Give it a try, get in a family, and see for yourself!

    Go Kings ;)

  • Pat says:

    Great game - changes every round so you have new things to work on and it won't get stale.

  • cepter says:

    love the game, been playing a short while

  • Kakia says:

    Fun game with great people!

  • mike says:

    Great game, ever expanding, good way to kill time.

  • Wendy says:

    Very addictive. I love the game and it is a lot of fun!

  • Slammer Moore says:

    very addicting i love playing and great way to blow off steam without going to a real jail

  • Jimmy Todd/ Coco Joe says:

    Addicting and fun game! Once you get the hang of it and become part of the community it is such a blast to play!

  • Ronald Moore says:

    5 stars

  • Ronald Moore says:

    I am a long time player and the game has evolved greatly since the beginning. I have played a Don of a powerful family, Soldier, Consigliere, and other positions. All have unique facets associated with the position and are fun to play. The game has a community message board to create your mobster role play, or join in someone else's story. There is also a family board to share info you want to keep inside to help your crew!

    Make your own story by taking your character and go out there and earn for your family and Don! Turf raid to beat, rob, and extort your way to increased power and respect among your peers!!! Do the same on neutral ground by catching that family rival collecting their businesses, or lend support to a family family member on sending a message to that rival!

    The Consigliere can buy off city officials, or order them whacked if they prove to be difficult to deal with by sending a soldier to express the family viewpoint :). No other game I have played has this feature, which really helps a family to keep the heat off from the cops!

    The admin has also evolved the game to make it run by itself! This is the most neutral game out there, so all players have a level playing field. Provisions can be made if two family members want to play, and also if you want to play more than one character to have a fuller gaming experience.

    I have made many friends on this site and it is fun to form raiding parties. Players have also formed relationships for those you love to hate, which adds to the excitement when making that hit! Be careful though, If a family captures all of the subdivisions of a city they control that turf. This means you can be shot at while raiding their turf but fear not! You can earn Omerta Point upgrades to use such as a bulletproof vest. You can heal quickly if hit and you have the skills :)

    Use added strength or accuracy, and other enhancements earned through family and personal activity Omerta Points to improve the effectiveness of your character. Do your daily jobs to gain a stat for your position, and other small and big jobs to get that cash for beat weapons or to use in the black market. Buy that business to get arms, cash, explosives, or vehicles to help you to earn!!! Buy housing to add protection against raiders on your home turf, or really piss off the rivals by buying a house on their turf! There are many things you can do and skills you can acquire to help your family grow in power and also use in a mob war!!

    If you want to play a Mafia based role play game this is it!! Sign up, show your stuff on the streets and get invited to a family. Then show what it takes to gain power and respect in this thing of ours!

  • Maryaha says:

    Love the game!

  • Vincent Earle says:

    Great Game. More things are being built therefore expanding all the time.
    Come and join in the fun.
    If you say you are new then just approach anyone and you will be surprised how they will help you.
    So join now.

  • Kitty says:

    Mafia Omerta is such a fun game.Each family works to get a turf which we call home.You get to raid other family's turf's and hoping you don't get caught meaning shot or beat or robbed.

  • Anthony says:

    Addicting and fun game! Once you get the hang of it and become part of the community it is such a blast to play!

  • Judy says:

    Love this Game! Been playing since Beta Version !

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