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The Gangsters Prime is a classic take on the Text based gangster/mafia MMORPG from back in the day. We have given the text based gangster game a hit of roids to juice up the features.

  • 90 locations in the game to travel via your own personal car or your own personal plane or helicopter...
  • 16 planes and helicopters to choose from and maintain damage and refueling for travel.
  • 120+ cars in the game to steal, use in crime, tune & street race and more...
  • 29 unique specialist items to collect sell of use in crimes...
  • 24+ weapons ( pistols, assault rifles and sniper rifles ) to discover blueprints and craft along with multiple weapon attachments to find and equip for missions or crimes...
  • 18+ casino games/features to own or gamble with in game currency from 5 Card Draw Poker to Scratchcards, Keno, Craps, Roulette and many more...

This is just a few examples of the amazing features we have expanded on.. Come and be a gangster and enjoy your time in The Gangsters Prime.

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Main login page.

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