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Torn is a responsive text-based browser game that operates in Torn City. Be careful not to end up in jail or hospital. There are many features to choose from, for example go to gym, run your own business and play in casino. Start your company and develop your career. Although, it's kind of difficult getting to higher levels. Torn City has lots of players around the world and it's currently the most popular text-based browser game. Always up to date content.

276 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5 276 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5 276 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5 276 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5 276 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5 (276 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5) Rate it
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48 comments on “Torn City

  • chex says:

    best online text based game ever!
    If you have good guide from the start you can advance very quick!

  • Jason says:

    Paying for their monthly donor pack hurts you more then helps.

  • Wilba says:

    Definitely worth a look, good long term game

  • Fox says:

    All you have to do is not be annoying to not be annoyed. Stay under the radar and you're good.

  • notforme says:

    Boring game full of cyber bullies.

  • Belouch says:

    This is a mafia game where:
    -the best way to make money is to travel to buy and resale plushies. YES. Plushies. And Flower. Yes, F***ing flowers! Rinse and repeat as much as possible
    -the best way to train your stats is to do a weird combination of watching porn DVDs + taking xanax + taking ecstasy and training in the Gym. Rinse and repeat as much as possible.
    -You can have the best stuff in the universe, have a perfectly min-maxed training, you will still lose in one hit to a 7 years old player even if you have played 5 years.
    -Doing crimes is useless, both in terms of XP, stats or money.
    -Nothing is realistic. A ford mustang costs 17,000 dollar but a box of chocolate is 3,000, a LSD tab is 60,000 and a porn DVD is 5,000,000.
    So many things in this game are broken. There is a great potential, the community is great, so I don't understand how the devs can be so bad and not see how the game is now repetivive, boring and most of all, absolutely absurd in so many ways.

  • Lewri says:

    By far the best text based mmorpg. Join via the following link for freebies and assistance within the game from an expert:

  • bucko says:

    It's a risky game if you pay real cash.

  • nunya says:

    game is fun., when you are not getting attacked, bountied, harassed by higher levels. Spending day in and out in the hospital with bounties..why....NO IDEA

  • Wamu says:

    How can you not love it. It's the best

  • Cinzia says:

    great game ! great community ! great market !

  • Kapten_Klitoris says:

    If you wanna play, i will teach you how to scam people and get rich.

  • Heresy23 says:

    I’m coming up on my tenth year playing torn city...It’s the only game I play...I have made real world friends from all over the world! The forums and chat are super active. Player run games and player run community. The only issues are the constant cheating multis but they are taking larger steps to find and erase them...the game is full of drama,chaos, whiners,bully’s,awesome people,weirdo people...just like real life. My rl girlfriend hates games and now SHE is addicted....5 star hands down best text based mmrpg of them all...try it Asap!

  • Overatzez says:

    Awesome long term game with many different ways to play this game. Make money, build battle stats, run your own company.. there's always something to do in Torn. Sign in via this link to receive free advice and get yourself a head start!

  • MB says:

    I've been playing for about 2 and a half years and it's probably the most active community I've played with so far with all kinds of people from different cultures. It being mobile friendly is also good for people who aren't always glued to a PC and promotes more activity. For people that say levelling is slow - It's really not if you're active. And level isn't necessarily a top priority to be successful in the game anyways. There's no pay to win. You can donate thousands to the game but at the end of the day what matters is activity and consistency. There's many different playing styles just find what you like to do. Most of the complaints I have read come from a lack of understanding of certain game features just remember people come to the internet to complain. Don't be scared to try it yourself.

  • kevin says:

    It's the best browser RPG - By FAR!
    ????? (5-Star Rating)
    It's so addictive and life-like, but you need time to understand what to do.

    Here's a list of things I've discovered so far...
    *Commit crimes from shop-lifting and pickpocketing to arms trafficking and kidnapping.
    *Meet others, get married.
    *Get educated.
    *Get a job or run a company - hire other players to work for you.
    *Earn daily wage.
    *Buy/sell/rent properties.
    *Buy things, trade thing.
    *Buy/upgrade cars to race against other players.
    *Gamble in Torn's casinos (blackjack, roulette, craps, lotto, poker, keno, high-low, slots).
    *Work-out in the city gyms to increase strength, speed, dexterity and defence stats (unlock new gyms as you get stronger).
    *Travel to other countries.
    *Attack others (options to mug, leave or hospitalise them if you win).
    *Claim bounties, or put a bounty on another player's head.
    *Join factions and war against other factions for respect and territory.
    *Complete missions from mission givers.
    *Earn merits and points to buy special items and upgrades.
    *Bust other players out of jail.
    Loads more...

    I've discovered all this within 6 months of playing. I login and play at least 8 times a day :D

  • Edboy says:

    Pretty awesome game. Thought it wasnt gonna be all that great, but within the first day of playing I was hooked and immediately became a subscriber. No regrets. Im trying to find something else to top this game and havent YET! If you're looking for a good browser game this is the game.

  • Tony-Soprano says:

    Try out Torn City!!!
    Great addicting game: as you progress you will unlock many features and it gets much more interesting. The list of things you can do is HUGE and It's actively played by tens of thousands players every day. Very active and kind community (many people helped me in the early game).

  • Scarface says:

    It's a nice game but be advised that the faction system is "pray not to get hispitalized".

  • Cally says:

    One of the best games i play hands down

  • Tony-Soprano says:

    Very addicting game, the more you play, the more you unlock new features so it never gets boring.

  • asfcvxv says:

    This is a great game. It is very difficult for beginners, and as you progress, many features unlock and the game gets much more interesting. Again, it will be very hard to start off though. There are players that have played for 10 years, and they are of course no match to you, but you can easily take out players that started 2-3 years ago if you are patient enough.

  • Wayne says:

    This is the real deal. The best game of them all. If I had to quit playing Torn City I would just cancel my internet and chunk my computers into the ditch.

  • Tim says:

    Highly immersive and addictive as you progress.

    You start off with very little cash and a shack to live in so it can be too off putting for some. For a good start in the game, cash and items, drop me a line. I'll help you out.

  • ballsbaggin says:

    game is broken and has a cancerous community^^ lvl 60+ players spamming lvl 5 - 10 players with bounties putting you in hospital for life.. yea.. gg game not making it so that high lvls can't attack low lvls.

  • janthiwa133 says:

    if anyone is looking to start an account and use this guide and you use my referral code you will get 2m and a special item when lvl 10 is reached and 5m and a special item every 10th level!

  • Kra says:

    The game is an excellent one in which you get out as much as you put in. There are many ways of earning cash such as making sigs ( for artists out there), running one of many companies, trading items and buying from players and AI in game in other countries.

    You can train in the gym, buy drugs to boost gains etc.

    If you ever need any help follow the link and join, I will then get in touch once a notification has been sent to me.

  • SeaLion says:

    I have played this game for over 10 years now. It was and still is a struggle to get into the top league of players. There are people younger than me that have surpassed me, and people older than me that I shall never catch. Some people have tens of billions of dollars, while I have worked hard for only a few. Some people have billions of stats, and can afford boosters to further increase their lead. What it comes down to is that it is not about what those some people have done, but what you do and who you do it with. I login to play more to socialize with people I have met, and possibly meet more. I have met such good friends that we have met in real life. I have been part of a few different HoF factions, and been in some really fun wars. I have been on IRC, chat, forums talking to other players. I have been mugged for large amounts of my hard earned cash, but I have mugged others too. I have won big and lost big in the casino. I have had friends betray me, and rivals become friends. Most of all I have had fun.

  • LouCypher says:

    To many hackers and cheats. too slow to play. But an okay game. Does not interference in the real world.

  • Lumi says:

    This is no doubt the best text based game out there, thousands of active players, really competitive and super addictive.

  • Horizon says:

    It's hard not to be impressed by Torn. It has a HUUUGE volume of players, tons of in-game items, seemingly a lot of things to do and some really awesome graphics for a text browser game. I originally came to torn from Bootleggers...

    However, Torn is a trap. After the first few days you realize that almost everything costs way more than you can afford, the timers are slow to refill, half of what you do in the game puts you either in jail, hospital, travelling, etc all of which lock you down so you can't do anything in the game. You're locked down for HOURS sometimes days. And this is a 'feature'. To make any sort of money in the game you have to travel to collect items from various countries and then sell them in sets. Travelling... the main way to make money in Torn, is the most boring thing. You are locked out of all features except the Forums. For many, many hours. You come back 'home' drop off your items, then travel again. For HOURS.

    Many of the features like banking and Education, take weeks (real world WEEKS) to complete. It's a game you can play for 3 minutes then log out for days, come back for 3 more minutes. All for an abiguous purpose. There are no missions implemented in the game or storyline at all. It is a game of clicking to earn game money and items... for no real reason. You need to play for real Years in order to get your character to a decent level and then what? I'm not even sure what you're supposed to do once you're rich and powerful.

    Needless to say, I log in every few weeks to see if any exciting changes or updates have been made... but mostly I've gone back to Bootleggers and Roboid on occasion.

    Don't waste your time on Torn... unless forums, slow-motion play, and hoarding game items are your thing. Could have been great. :(

    • Rukkanor says:

      You can mug / attack other people to earn money! It's very rewarding! It only costs you 25 points of energy (75 minutes to wait) if you don't want to refill instantly!

  • Anthony says:

    Great game. Been playing for 8+ years now, very addictive. And the best part is that you can play for 5 minutes or 5 hrs. There is so much to do!

  • Luke says:

    An awesome and truly addictive game, with loads of new updates being rolled out since the big RESPO update last year!

  • Helen says:

    Torn is a brilliant game, but it is not for people who want to be able to "win the game" in a week. People play Torn for years. It is always growing and developing, with games within the game - like a Casino, full play poker, racetrack, in game bookie and regular competitions.

  • Tascon says:

    Great text-based online RPG.
    So much depth to this game it's unbelievable. No wonder they have thousands of active players have been playing for over 5 years.

  • LoveFaithHope says:

    Interesting game and has a lots of depth. It's a long term game where you can go away from game for months or even years and come back pick up from where you left off. If set up properly, your character can even grow on some areas even when you're not online to play it :)

  • TheLucifer says:

    Big NO from me. It is the SLOWEST game EVER made. seriously form LVL 9 to 10 is like 8 months now and i play the game every week that is so dissapointing. This is so slow game that you think you are in slow motion. i once didnt log in for half a year and in that time i got mugged one dollar and that was all the action. and the companies kick you out if you dont log in every day, very sad and slow overcrowded game.

    • AKrylov says:

      You play it every week? No wonder why it's hard for you to level. This game is about long term play. So stfu and learn to play. It's a real interesting game where you have to work to get levels. Of course it's not like all these games where you level up very fast Buy yourself a brain before telling shit like that.

  • Superbluf says:

    Torn might be the first and only browser game that i play on my laptop that also has a responsive site for mobile, well done! This game is very challenging and not boring at all you learn new stuff almost at each new level and there is so many things to do where you can choose from.

  • Lee0723 says:

    This game is great, I've been enjoying it for years.

  • XoutShikibara says:

    An amazing text based RPG! In the midst of the crime ridden city of Torn, run by the worlds most corrupt government, you find yourself a newcomer in this city. Everyone is in a league far beyond your own, and you wont see yourself goin anywhere fast. But with enough time and dedication, you'll find yourself going far! This game is not for the impatient, but if you can give it that amount of time that's needed, you'll find it very rewarding.

    you're not limited to one path or play style, you can be a Crime Lord who owns their own faction with followers who will help you get to the top! You can be the business king and own your own oil rig, and make the big money. You can be the heavy hitter, taking out all who stand in your way and collecting bounties. All this and more are for you to do! Its up to how you choose to play the game and how you decide to enjoy it.

    Give it a try, I suggest getting to lvl 15 before making your decision, giving you plenty of time to see what all is available for you.

  • Petyr says:

    Torn City is a text based online crime RPG game, constantly evolving and never seeming to lag behind in keeping up with the changing times. It's a bit hard for new players to understand what's going on around them initially, but with a little help from older players they will soon get addicted to it. There is hours and hours of stuff to do here when you get to know how the game works. Definitely a recommended game.

  • Biganubis88 says:

    Great game, nice to be able to just log on for 5-10 mins through the day and use energy and nerve. Plenty of things to do though if you want to spend and hour or two on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great game. Takes some time to work up but a lot of fun and a lot of active people.

  • Heather says:

    I've played torn for nearly 8 years... so i'd say it's a brilliant game... would recommend to anybody if your willing to play for a long time...

  • Clark says:

    I think the most popular text based game out there. i mean it's like atleast 10 years old game and jail is always full of people, not to mention the overcrowded hospital.

  • -OXO- says:

    Great long term game commitment required to suceed and build up your player 10/10

  • python says:

    amazing game all should join

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