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Trounced is a simplistic Kingdom Builder PBBG. Attack opponents, gain land, build buildings, and strengthen your army. Players create Kingdoms within Realms and wager war against other Kingdoms to be the strongest. Choose which Hero you want to represent your Kingdom and build your strategy around your Hero's strengths and weaknesses.


Every Kingdom you create belongs to a specific Realm. The Standard Realm never resets and is the "main" realm. There are also temporary Realms that will be created occasionally with their own rulesets and win conditions. Fight for glory!


Select which Hero should lead your Kingdom. Every Hero has powerful benefits, magic spells, and a special Elite unit.


Build out your kingdom strategically. Consider your personal strategy and carefully weigh income, costs, offense and defense. Don't wait on annoying timers. If you have the resources, your buildings get built. Immediately.


Don't get bogged down in complex combat hexagons and crazy spreadsheet math. Every player has only 4 units. Basic, offensive, defensive, and their hero's Elite unit.


Never get zeroed. Your alert level increases after being attacked, which raises your defenses and lowers your losses. Going on vacation? Use our useful Vacation Mode to freeze your Kingdom until you get back.


Join an Alliance with other Kingdoms. Fight to defend one another and annihilate common enemies. Create Pacts with other Alliances to clearly define your relationships. Research technology and control powerful Monuments to give your Alliance boosts.


Establish powerful pacts with other Kingdoms to boost your economy. Establish relational Pacts with other Alliances to solidify your power in the Realm.

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(9 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5)

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Alliance Technology
Alliance Technology
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Target Kingdom

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