Virtonomics is an online business simulator game. Be a manager at a company of your choosing. View daily reports and available marketing strategies. You start with ten million dollars and doing quests will help you get on track very fast. Get supplies, employees, equipment and do some researches. Make sure your virtual company is up to date with latest technologies and innovations. While the frontpage of the game is mobile friendly, the rest is not.

42 votes, average: 3.74 out of 5 42 votes, average: 3.74 out of 5 42 votes, average: 3.74 out of 5 42 votes, average: 3.74 out of 5 42 votes, average: 3.74 out of 5 (42 votes, average: 3.74 out of 5)
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9 comments on “Virtonomics

  • Mohamed says:

    It can be hard at first but later game becomes very addictive. Every day there is somethings new and things to do and you can do what ever you want. Like i mostly doing restaurants business and this is fun

  • Pobotuga says:

    Great game, been playing it for 5 years.
    There are so many options and possibilities.
    For a free game it is very complete and you can get a taste of the game before paying .

  • Adam says:

    I have been playing this game for over a year now, and I must say that this is the best online business simulation game. You have nearly infinite number of business opportunities, from production through retail and restaurant management to agricultural business. The business enviroment is nearly perfect, with different countries, custom duties, ppp, transportation costs, consumer behaviour and natural resources.
    At the begining, the game is much about market research, and retail or restaurant management, however as your company becomes larger and larger, you will face issues like tax optimization, production and sales strategies and the bargaining power of suppliers.

    If you are intrested in economics and business, or if you study them, then this game is a must to play. It will boost your study efforts, because you can directly utilize and practise things you learn in Microeconomics, Operations Research, or Business Economics.

  • Gilbert Berdine says:

    I have been playing for over 2 years. The game world is well thought out. There are a very large number of economic items each with a world wide market. There are chains of production and opportunities for retail sales, wholesaling to other players and many other features of a modern complex economy. It is the only game that I am aware of that accounts for quality vs. price decisions in each individual market.

  • John Oliver says:

    I am playing this game for more than 3 years not and can't stop. It is hard to learn but once you get it, it becomes super addictive

  • Jeremy says:

    Before I start my business I've decided to check how things would go in virtual reality , needless to say some things needs to be addressed before that. Thanks virtonomics for helping to realize that not everything was perfect in my plan and avoiding loss at early stage of the my business.

  • Ryu says:

    Great game, have been playing over 7 months now. Great for understanding the connections between the key elements of global economy. Not only seeing but also taking part of it. Literally used business management skills I was tought in uni many years ago. A pity I couldn't use Virtonomics in my studies, that would have been a game changer.
    In general, the game ain't easy, but really worth to try.

  • Lary says:

    Extremely useful game for understanding how to run own business. It has almost unlimited number of business fields: retail, service, mining, production etc.

  • Sassan says:

    My virtual company on the server is almost one year old and I can say Virtonomics is an excellent server for those who want to experience a fun economics game with some educational prospects. I found pricing strategies the most interesting part of the game, now my excel-based calculator works fine tune, but the game is not limited to sales issues. Corporations, production issues, power generation and ecological problems, politics, budget deficits and city management are also implemented into the game for those who might be interested to increase their problem solving abilities through negotiation, planning and calculation.