How to overcome gamer's block

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In today’s tech-savvy world, gaming is a favorite pastime for many people. If you’re one of those people who are always on their PC or smartphone playing games during their free time, there comes a time when you’re unsure about how to proceed. Worse still, the magical feeling of anticipation and excitement you previously had when gaming may also dissipate.

When this happens, you could be experiencing gamer’s block. In its simplest definition, gamer’s block refers to a lack of motivation to play, regardless of how good you are. It is the lack of urge or interest to play even those games that you previously enjoyed.

What Causes Gamer’s Block

After playing for long, mental and physical fatigue may start to set in. Often, this affects your creativity and motivation to keep playing, and it happens to everyone, including the most successful gamers you know.

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Even after successfully clearing numerous levels of the game you’re playing, gamer’s block will leave you feeling you’ve made little progress, or your success is imaginary and directionless. As a gamer, the last thing you need is such a distraction since it demotivates you from doing what you love. Gamer’s who are experiencing the condition may have sentiments such as:

  • The gaming industry is overhyped
  • My love for gaming seems to be diminishing
  • I can no longer find time to play
  • None of the newer games are as exciting as what I played in the past
  • I’ve been browsing my phone all morning but haven’t opened one game app

Experiencing the condition is frustrating, more so for professional gamers. If you give in to the situation, your gaming skills will certainly worsen since your mind won’t be in it any longer. Often, the passion for gaming is always still present and only waiting for you to rediscover it.

It’s best to explore different options for overcoming gamer’s block. Thankfully, there are dozens of solutions you can explore to rediscover your love for gaming and get back at it. That said, here are some helpful tips for overcoming gamer’s block.

Embrace the Situation

Gamer’s block happens to every avid gamer, and therefore, it’s normal for you to lose interest in gaming from time to time. The first step towards overcoming gamer’s block is accepting that you have it. Often, gamers think that their low motivation is down to a lack of focus, a run of poor performances, or lack of energy. Accepting that you have gamer’s block also means being open about the condition since bottling it up can cause game deprivation in the long run.

Remember Your Roots

When experiencing gamer’s block, it’s best to think about what attracted you to gaming in the first place since this will help you get a handle on your talent. Sometimes, gamer’s block occurs when you try out a new game that you’re not so sure about. You can overcome the situation by playing those games you know best before getting out of your comfort zone, such as a remake of Myspace Mobsters.

If you have no idea about how to play a new game and it leaves you feeling defeated, for instance, go back to the games you played earlier in your gaming career and apply that knowledge when playing the new game. Redoing what you’ve done before provides a solid foundation for facing any fears you might have regarding new games. It’s also an easy way of getting your groove on.

Play Something Different

If familiarity doesn’t help you to overcome your gamer’s block, consider playing something different from what you’re used to. When playing games that are based on similar storylines and premises, boredom and lethargy can set in. You can get your groove back by playing a game you haven’t tried before, more so one that doesn't feature a premise.

For instance, something like a game of chess can be the distraction you need to overcome your gamer’s block and get creative again. Games that don’t have a premise introduce the element of realism, which sometimes is all you need to pump up your motivation and excitement towards gaming.

The key here is finding ways to break the established pattern. It encourages your brain to think differently and develop new strategies for overcoming whatever problems you may have in your game. Playing a new game could be the spark your brain needs to take your game to a whole new level.

Try a Workout

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Feeling burnt out due to playing games for hours on end is a leading cause of gamer’s block. It’s easy to get hooked up on a game, and it’s even easier for boredom to creep in. When this happens, a workout will serve as the healthy distraction you need to rejuvenate physically and mentally. Physical activities can go a long way in helping you approach your games with a new and fresh perspective. They also eliminate the stress that could be blocking you from playing even more challenging games.

Talk to Fellow Gamers

Contrary to what you may think, all gamers experienced gamer’s block at some point. So, if you find yourself unable to play, you’re not alone. Talking to someone who has had the same experience will give you an idea about overcoming the situation. Consulting other players when you’re finding it difficult to get through a game level will help you pinpoint flaws in your gaming strategy.

Fortunately, most online games come with platforms where you can interact with other games and swap tips. Talking to fellow players about your gamer’s block, you develop new insights and strategies for approaching your game. Once you get rid of the mental block, you will be able to handle the more challenging games.

Key Takeaways

When gamer’s block happens, it doesn't mean that you’re no longer the top player you once were. This is a small bump in your gaming journey, which everyone experiences. There’s so much you can do to get back on track and become an even better gamer.

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