What mistakes do players make when choosing a bet in online pokies?

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Although luck plays a fundamental role in pokie machines, in the case of a win, many players consider themselves various positive qualities, without which the win would not have taken place. So, for example, some believe that they won because they have calculated everything, others consider themselves lucky, while praise their courage if they hadn�t risked, they would not have won. After winning, the �ideal family man syndrome� may wake up when you want to spend all the money on gifts for relatives. But the most important thing to think about during the gameplay is betting. Bets need to be carefully thought out and built into a special system. The main mistakes of the players are connected with this.

This article discusses the most common psychological mistakes that players make when choosing bets in different periods of the game in virtual online pokies. We hope that the information will be interesting not only to novice players but also to professionals.

First mistake. The maximum jackpot drops out only when playing at the highest bets

Oddly enough, the size of the bet does not affect the drop of the most profitable combinations. Players can verify this by playing in an online casino for free without registration (since you can try any game for as long as you want). This phenomenon can be explained by the main principle of the functioning of all slot machines. The issuance of winnings by any machine is based on the percentage of the return of all deposited money.

The second mistake. Many active pay lines guarantee a win in online pokies

If you activate the maximum number of pay lines for a certain period of the game, then the frequency of wins will increase. But with a deeper analysis by dividing the total amount of winnings for 1000 spins by the number of lines involved, a rather low average return is obtained. You can verify this in practice by counting wins and spins during a free game.

For some, an increase in the number of small wins (when the amount does not even exceed the initial bet per spin) gives hope for bigger income in a Risk Game for doubling. The numbers confirm that in the long run Risk Rounds do not bring the player more than theoretical 50%. So rely on a risk game is not worth it.

The third mistake. With a long series of failures, increasing the bet rate and the number of lines will help

If you have overtaken a streak of failures, the most correct decision would be to take a break from the game. It can be a day or a week. Remember that the machines do not have a soul, and they will not have mercy on giving you winning combinations after a streak of failures. Raising the bet will not affect the issuance of winning combinations. The machine programs the combination of characters randomly each time before pressing the Spin key. This rule applies to pokie machines in real rooms and online casinos as well.

The fourth mistake. After a big win, you need to change the slot machine

Even in the case of a big win, you will not know if it was a 100% return or only a small part. Therefore, after the victory, you can safely continue to play on this slot machine. The exception is only cases of winning the maximum possible jackpot of the slot machine. After the jackpot is issued, the slot automatically begins to accumulate a new bonus, even if the winning amount was less than half the balance.

The fifth mistake. Belief in generous machines

To date, anyone can play virtual pokie machines. Of course, the performance of the devices will be different, but this does not mean that some machines are more generous than others. All slot machines operate according to similar principles and scripts. So, generous slot machines are just a streak of luck in the gameplay. You should not blindly believe in "good" slot machines, otherwise, you can lose a lot of money.

Sixth mistake. You need to choose the right casino to play online pokies

People tend to be somewhat distrustful of the new and the unknown. Therefore, even the most naive person has doubts about the honesty of an online casino. This is facilitated by the reputation of the gambling business, which fuels stereotypes about the dishonesty of all virtual platforms. Indeed, it is difficult to trust that it is impossible to touch. But if you plunge into the gameplay, you can see for yourself the honesty of the casino. Everything that various playgrounds assure is most often true. Let�s talk about online casinos a bit as well since a lot of players (especially newbies) cannot select an honest gambling establishment. If you want to try the honest casino right now you can visit Casinonic Casino.

The casino is not interesting cheating

A truly reliable casino is extremely important to prove honesty and gain a positive reputation among players. Only those who hope for short-term profits can resort to fraud. Institutions striving for real success will follow an honest path. With long-term cooperation, casinos are much more profitable to get 2-3% of the turnover in slot machines and other casino games.

It is important to learn to distinguish a fake from the legit casino, and then you can safely start playing pokie machines even for real money. To understand, we advise you to pay attention to the quality of the graphic design of sites, the gameplay of slots and even grammatical errors in the texts. To do this, start your acquaintance with the free slot machines without registration, read reviews on various forums and only after all these steps you can make your first bet.

You can independently check the honesty of the casino

The way to check the honesty of the casino is simple: you will need a calculator, Excel and a few hours of free time. For calculations, you can use free versions of slot machines. You can be sure that free modes are no different from real money game modes. They are not "Tweaked" on the desired result, as many believe.

So, to find out how honest the casino is, you only need to calculate the amount of money that slot machine gives taking into account all bonus rounds, but without Risk Games for doubling, and compare the result with the total amount of bets made.

Licensed casinos are regularly and anonymously audited by firms such as eCOGRA

Audit companies check casinos for various parameters. First of all, this is the quality of the gaming services provided, the security of players' data, the timeliness of payments and the honesty of the distribution of winnings. Auditors' report is an official confirmation of the safety of playing blackjack, poker, roulette, and other casino pokie machines.

Any complaint may be considered in court

This factor makes casinos strive for perfect work and perfect relationships with players. The administration carefully monitors all aspects to prevent possible flaws in the work of scripts, to eliminate problems with payments, etc. In case of discrepancies with the standards, casino licenses run the risk of losing certification or, in extreme cases, becoming a member of a criminal case.

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