Other Online Hobbies To Do Outside of Gaming

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The internet is a weird and wonderful thing, where you can find out almost anything you want to know! However, as well as being a great resource, it can be a great way to spend time too. When people consider things to do online, they often think of online games such as slot machines or online poker. Although online betting can be a great way to spend the time it certainly isn’t the only way to spend your time online. We thought we would look at some great online hobbies that you can do outside of gaming.

Catch up with friends

Most people these days use the internet, lots of them via a smart device which means they’re always contactable. This is great because it means that there is always someone for you to talk to. Social media is a great way of catching up with friends, and even people you have come across online & never met but have become acquaintances with. Most social networking apps give you the opportunity to chat privately, send emojis and even video chat, so catching up with friends is a great way to spend your time online. There are different things you can do online with friends — both watch a film at the same time or even eat dinner together, if you think outside of the box then chatting to friends online can be a really interesting way to spend your time.

Expand your knowledge

We know that the internet is full of pretty much everything you want to know — you can use Google to search for most things and find the answer within a matter of minutes. However, as well as just reading search engine results, you can use the internet to expand your knowledge.

There are several places to study for qualifications online and you’ll even get a certificate of completion once you’re finished. This means that not only do you get the chance to learn something new, but you get something cool to add to your CV too! You’ll find online courses for all budgets and pretty much any topic, so whatever it is that you want to learn more about, it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle!

Of course, you can also expand your knowledge by watching YouTube, reading bloggers and other research papers online. However, with these, you won’t get a certificate at the end so it isn’t always as beneficial.

However you choose to learn something new, it is good to know that you can learn about anything from embroidery to electronics and so much more! You’ll even find tutorials on how to be in the circus, so if you’re into learning a new skill you’ll never run out of new things to learn.

Become a blogger

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Blogs are extremely popular and can be a great way to spend some time. The great thing about blogging is that there is a community of bloggers that you can reach out to, so it also gives you a great chance to meet new people! You can blog about pretty much anything you want and platforms such as Blogger and WordPress make it really easy to share your content online.

Look up hashtags and Facebook groups about your chosen blogging niche & you will find it easy to get started in getting advice on how to blog & meet new friends.

Blogging can also get you out and about — fashion bloggers to take photos & food bloggers to try new restaurants for example. If your blog gets big enough you might even be able to turn it into a side-hustle and make yourself some extra money, the possibilities are endless.

Quizzes & Games

Joining in with quizzes and games is also a fun way to spend your time online. You can set these up yourself with friends via platforms such as Zoom or look for somewhere that hosts these for you. Local pubs and online community centres sometimes hold their own online quizzes so it is worth having a lookout for these and see if there is anything happening that you’d like to join in with. If you have a particular skill then perhaps you can look up a quiz related to the knowledge you have — that way you’ll also give yourself a boost by doing well in the quiz!

Make new friends

The internet can be a great way to meet new people, as long as you are sensible and take precautions. There will be plenty of local Facebook groups or websites based around a hobby you enjoy which is a great place to start. If you’re looking to date then online dating can also be an interesting way to spend your time.

Chatting online is a great way to spend time and helps you get to know someone. Once you are confident that are who they say they are & you feel happy, you can always make the decisions to meet up in ‘real life’ and hopefully gain yourself a new friend along the way.

Use the internet to help with your offline hobby

The great thing about the internet is that you can use it to help you out with any hobby you wish to do. So, even if your hobby isn’t one that you would do online — you can use the internet to find out information to help with this. For example, if you’re into knitting there will be loads of free knitting patterns online or if you want to go fishing you can look up local lakes and what is needed in order to spend a day’s fishing there. You’ll find hundreds of recipe websites & even events pages where you can find out about local events happening that you may want to attend.

So, whether you want to play online slot machines, learn a new skill or get help with your existing hobby you should find the internet is able to help you with everything that you need.

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