What to expect from the new FIFA 21

September 26, 2020 | 0 Comments

What can we expect from the new FIFA?

EA Sports has finally shown its first official trailer for the game FIFA21 which shows us what exactly we can expect from the new video game that will be released on October 9th.

As every year, a couple of months before this game comes out, its creator Electronic Arts occasionally releases the information and novelties that await us in the new football simulation. However, this year the situation is a little different due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the game will come out a month later than is usually the case.

What did the trailer show us?

The trailer that was released at the beginning of August showed us in detail what we can expect. Of the novelties that have been introduced, some stand out as crucial in terms of changing the way we play the game. Like, say, the system around dribbling and contact between players, which will be drastically changed compared to previous years.

Also, gamers will now have much more control over players who don’t have the ball in their possession, so this will allow you to be more creative when organizing your attacks.

As for other information related to the game, as well as new modes, when releasing the trailer EA confirmed that it will unveil all the information in the next few weeks, but that there’s still no exact date. It’s important to note that they have announced that Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs will get modifications that could completely change the way of gameplay.

In the period of the last few months during which no real football matches were held due to COVID-19, pro footballers switched the field for game consoles, playing FIFA tournaments online. Premier League even streamed those face-offs. Apart from FIFA, some Premier League players took this break to enter the world of some other games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The three West Ham members - Robert Snodgrass, Ryan Fredericks, and Andriy Yarmolenko - tried themselves in commenting on this globally popular video game. But they did it only after getting a few pieces of advice from the CS: GO’s iconic face, the caster Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat, at the BLAST Premier studios in London.

Special Attention Was Dedicated to Career Mode

In the meantime, the EA has revealed what changes are made to one of the above-mentioned game elements - Career Mode. Actually, they have confirmed that this mode will get its biggest update ever! After that, a new trailer arrived.

In recent years, the FIFA community has believed that EA does almost nothing when it comes to the offline version of the game and that they have invested all their efforts in the Ultimate Team (FUT). After much criticism, Electronic Arts has finally decided to dedicate itself to other parts of the game. The EA Vice President Nick Wlodyka said that Career Mode is very important to them and added this is the biggest investment they have ever made to be able to build the fashion their fans want. Right at the beginning of the trailer, you can see that Visual Sim is back. This option allows you to select a specific minute in the match when you want to take control of your team and enter the match.

As a big change, EA has announced a new and better system when it comes to player transfers. Player development also gets a more realistic system, and now you’ll have a much bigger impact when it comes to the same. The detailed list of all the changes that have been introduced is certainly much larger, but in our humble opinion, these are the ones that will impact the game the most. When your players are too tired due to a large number of matches, you can choose the option when you want them to train and when to miss training. Monday may therefore be an ideal day for physical training, while it’s best to use your free days to improve your team’s morale.


EA Sports has closely listened to the fans and done a really good job by including exciting new features. At the same time, they removed most of the least liked features. However, only after the release of the game and testing the gameplay we'll be able to confirm whether FIFA21 is winning the race in front of earlier editions of its own game.

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