Why Play Browser Games?

April 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

There are a lot of people nowadays who spend their free time playing video games or some form of entertainment like it. You may not always think of these people as "gamers" but most people play some form of digital games.

First of all, there are all the people who play phone games even if they don't play games on the PC or on one of the 3 main consoles people use (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch). Think of all the moms and dads who will play Candy Crush or Angry Birds on their phones even if they don't play "standard" video games.

Why Play Video Games at All?

So, this brings us to a first question before we answer the topic at hand. Why should anyone play any form of video games at all? Wouldn't many people say there are more constructive or useful ways we can spend our time than on the computer playing games?

The simple and straight answer is probably yes. However, why does that matter? Humans are not machines. We were not meant to spend our entire day working with perfect efficiency. If we were, the world would probably run a lot smoother, but there would also be less reason to live.

Life would just be the monotony of work and there would be no real reason to work toward anything. What is the point of trying to have a better life if you can't even truly enjoy everything that that would entail?

What makes life worth living is the experiences and joy we got while doing it. For some people this is spending time with a loved one, for others, it is simply reading a book with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee.

Finally, there are people who enjoy video games in their free time. Those of us who like the fantastical and wondrous things that can be found in the digital world but not the physical world.

The amazing and colorful landscapes of bioluminescent wildlife like that which can be found in adventure games like Subnautica or Deep Rock Galactic. Or perhaps the endless biomes and terrains like that which can be found in games such as Minecraft or No Man's Sky.

All of these things are what draw people to video games. But there is another thing that is important to why videogames are so popular. The communities and friends you can build and make around the games you play.

Think about it, videogames are a way for people across the world to have fun and interact with each other! You don't need to travel all the way across the planet to see and have fun with other people. You can simply just hop in a voice chat and load up your favorite online game to play with the online friends you've made.

I've even experienced this personally. I had to move somewhere new a while back. I had no friends in my new home, but I loved playing video games. So, I loaded up one of the games I really enjoyed back then: Ark Survival Evolved.

I went onto a server I had heard of and began playing. The next thing I know there is another play running in circles around my base from a Triceratops. I helped him out and the rest was history. We became decent friends and I'd stay up late into the night and then early into the morning to play with him.

He was my only friend at the time and the only thing I had ever done with him was play in that digital world. Yet, I didn't feel as if we had no connection. We were friends and we would play often together. It was probably some of the most fun I'd ever had in video games.

And this finally brings us to what you probably wanted to know. Why should we play browser games when regular video games are technically "superior" in many ways. Well, the ultimate reason is because of those that I just laid out for you about regular video games. The most fun we can have is with other people!

The Advantage of Browser Games

This is the huge edge that browser games have against regular videogames. You can play them anywhere, basically anytime, on any device and with anyone you want! They have some key things about them that make them perfectly suited for playing with your friends.

First of all, browser games are free. No need to pay for a download. This means nobody has to sink any amount of money into the game in order to play with you. So, you and as many friends as you would like can boot up a game in the ol' Google search engine and have at it!

Secondly there are no loading times either. When you get that urge to play, you don't have to download a 20 Gb install or run a 4 hour update before it works (Looking at you Cyberpunk 2077 and Playstation!).

Thirdly, browser games can run on just about anything you have that has an internet connection. This means that even your friend who only has an old laptop from 2009 can still play games with you. Nobody has to feel left out!

It also means you can play it wherever you want. You don't need to be at your $ 2,000 gaming PC you have at home to play a browser game with your friends. You can even boot many of them up on your phone to play.

A final advantage browser games have is the huge variety. You can literally play as many games as you can find on the internet. So, if your friend finds a new game he thinks is cool, he just has to send you a link and you and all your friend group can load it up and play together. There is a huge plethora of old-style games and revivals of games that have disappeared.

As you can see, you shouldn't just immediately brush off all browser games as being for middle schoolers who are bored during class. most browser game players are 30+, not 20-. You can have some real fun times playing games with your friends or meet new ones, if you just broaden your horizons.

After all, that is what games are all about! Having a good time doing what you love to do. And, that is all the better if you can include the people you enjoy having fun with as well.

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