ManaPot Christmas giveaway code

December 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Christmas makes ManaPot generous! Grab this limited time free giveaway code to get a free 24 hours of subscription time and a Christmas Stocking item in-game.

ManaPot Christmas giveaway

What can I do with Christmas Stocking?

Christmas Stocking is an item that contains a handful of Candy Canes. And each Candy Cane increases your Cooldown limit. Combines with the free 24h premium that you also get with this giveaway, you can boost yourself to the top in no time. Less energy restoring and more exploring!

Giveaway code: NewChristmas

How to use the code

After logging into the game, click the "Play ManaPot" button on top and follow the guidelines shown in the helpful image below.

manapot tutorial

manapot browsergame

ManaPot is modern yet classical text based RPG with lots to offer. Amazing unique features, items, contests - all that and frequent updates making it more and more popular in 2015.

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