The Grail Lords - Barbarian Invasion

June 16, 2016 | 4 Comments

Starting on Friday, 17 June 2016 The Grail Lords start a new event. Join today, pick up a club or staff and join your fellow men-at-arms to make a stance against the Barbarian Invasion. As a special treat Lady Ithycena of the Grail Monastery is offering a give-away of 10 prize points for all players who enter the promotional code correctly, which can be found below. In case you don't have an account yet, sign up and you can still take part of this unique and large event.
Event lasts for 10 days, so be quick to enter the above code for the bonus.

NB! This event has now ended!

The Grail Lords - Barbarian Invasion

The event backstory

A large barbarian horde invaded the Realm while none expected. Swift they move burning, looting and killing everything on their path. It won't take long before they arrive at the gates of the larger towns.
Lady Ithycena is searching additional men and women willing to take up arms and make a stand to stop these foul barbarians. As a Cleric she knows exactly how devastating a battle like this can be. Follow her to town and claim your reward.

Answer: Cleric

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