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Aetolia is a text-based browser game where you can choose your own destiny. Pick out your race and join a guild. There’s a system which means that after joining a guild, you can automatically gain skills of the guild. Becoming a vampire gives you skills like corpus, sanguis and mentis. After joining a shamans guild, you gain skills like primality, naturalism and shamanism. There are many cities and each city includes markets, barracks, casinos and more.

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Vampires Wrath New, Responsive

Vampires Wrath

Vampires Wrath is a free browser-based text game that includes fantasy and vampires. Training area gives you a possibility to train agility, health, strength and guard. If you’re strong enough you can start attacking your opponents by looking at the name list and selecting a player you’d like to attack. Under Social section you can easily chat with other players. Open your own bank account, travel to another location and explore various cities.

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