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June 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

Keeping players on edge with constant changes in 1100 AD Domination. All of the changes are positive because they improve the playing environment. Lets see what updates have been made and what bug fixes have been done.

1100 ad game
Gameplay improvements
Sacrificing feature - Upon hero death, you may donate your hero in Temple for the gods. Once donated, the gods will be rewarding you for your kind gesture. Not to use the system against it's purpose, a daily limit has been set for sacrificing heroes.

Improved shop - Minor add in the shopping system for bulk orders. You may now see a "BULK BUY" button, which sometimes offers great discounted prices for various items. Not all the goods in the shop have this button, only ones that are eligible.

Castle mercenaries - Increase in the incoming of castle mercenaries. Expect them to come once a day in the future.

Screen design change - Ingame buildings screen has been improved to give you a better overview and better artwork.

Fixed flaws
Rankings - Sometimes few players experienced a situation where their current position were not shown in the general TOP rankings list.
Resources delivery - Resource deliveries on-cart by land between port towns didn't work as it was supposed to.

Try out these new improvements and view the ratings and review page for more opinions about the game below.

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