AD2460 GamePatch 5.3 is live

August 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

AD2460 - Closer look at a well known SciFi based browser game latest patch. This 5.3 patch that went live does not have massive changes, but does improve gameplay for the players.

AD2460 SciFi

Patch details

  • More missions - Total of 10 new missions have been added.

  • User experience fix - After successful mission there is no need to click for a confirmation anymore, it's now automatic.

  • Green commander indicator - If you are choosing a Commander for a mission, you can now look for a green light to see if your action was successful.

  • Bug fix - Color indicators were bugged when choosing ships for certain missions.

  • Fixed debugging - Those who were using consoles, may have experienced various problems.

  • Smaller issues fixed - Background elements, typos, effects, etc.

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