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May 06, 2015 | 0 Comments

An action based robot browser game called BattleDawn Tribune's crew is searching for new fresh members to join their crew. They mostly need help with content production so writing skills are needed. Don't think that you may have missed the chance as they always want to expand.

BattleDawn Tribune

BattleDawn players are paid in Blue Tokens. If you have played BattleDawn before, you will know that if you get plenty of them, they are worth a lot. Not to mention that the crew promised to pay generously to all content writers.

NB! They are looking for 2 different writers!

1) Freelance writer

Freelance type is better for those who lack time as you can write articled when you want to. Simply send your article to the staff members and they will review it and let you know if they accept it. Once they accept your article, you will receive your payment. If for whatever reason your article did not get accepted, you will not have a paycheck. To avoid that, make sure you create a unique and useful articles.

2) Staff writer

This Tribune writer must be a very committed person. Main tasks like sharing useful game related ideas and suggestions. Of course another task would be to write content articles. As far as payment goes, Staff writers will get a hire rate than Freelance writers.

Are you interested? Make sure you contact them ASAP, because you are not the only one who wants to be a writer for BattleDawn. There are two ways you can contact the staff. You can add administrator to your Skype contact list, username: joshinaround18. You may also look into the forum and PM administrators that you wish you wish to apply.

BattleDawn forum

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