Best of io games 2018

April 09, 2017 | 2 Comments

Best IO games 2018

Let's see the most popular io games of 2018. Information based on the game's total traffic. IO games are quite recently gotten popular, VERY popular. So let's take a look at some new popular ones.

Top io games

1) SLITHER.IO - Awesome snake based and very popular io game. game

2) WARIN.SPACE - SciFi based spaceship attacking, team based wars, very action packed.

warinspace game

3) MOOMOO.IO - RPG based, gather resources, get better equipment, build your village.

RPG io game

What are IO games?

IO games are the latest trend in online browser gaming. These games are easy to access, meaning with one click you are inside the game with other players. They are simple and fun, require no registration. The io games fuzz started from that went viral in 2016 and still stays popular in 2018. IO-games are usually hosted on .io domains.


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