BiteFight updates and event

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BiteFight Easter event

Wily rabbit - Hides eggs for players to find. If you are logged in, keep and eye on eggs that may be hidden in game pages. If you manage to find one, collect it and keep collecting them as much as you can (maximum of 240 eggs). There is also a time limit until they vanish from a page so make sure you click fast once you see them. Eggs can give you prizes like Gold and HellStones.

Another thing you can do during holiday event is following the clues while on the trail to finding the child. Make sure to visit the city and alleyways, that is most likely the place where you can find the child. Upon finding you will receive a bonus gift. BiteFight events last till April 6th.

BiteFight event

BiteFight updates

With the holiday event, they have also announced other updates.

1) Attacking a clan which is already fighting/in cooldown won't be possible anymore, also during the time till the clan can be attacked again.

2)Every time you open a gate, the time between opening the gates increases, but only if the gates are opened by the same clan again. A different clan can open the gates after 2 weeks, but the same clan which already opened the gates the last time can only open it next time after 2 weeks and 3 days. The gate opening duration increases from 14 to 17 to 20 days ongoing. This will create a more balanced chance for all clans.

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