Dawn 2055 brand new features

November 15, 2015 | 3 Comments

Depleting salvage and perks

Dawn 2055 has launched 2 new features that will improve�the gameplay drastically. The new features are perks as well as depleting salvage. In addition they have added more ruins around New Hope. What exactly are these new features? Find out below.


You can open up Perks if you achieve your skills amount high enough. These Perks allow you to gain certain special abilities for the skills that unlocked them in the first place.

EXAMPLE: Scouts can choose�a perk that allows them�to see other players within 2�squares of radius.�Crafters - a perk that required less materials to fix their items. Players that have�high speed skill - a perk that allows them to move, regardless of the default overweight limitation.

Perks are very important for your skill tree and you should apply your perks to a skill that you think helps you the most, since the use of perks is limited.

Depleting salvage

Depleting salvage was needed to make the game more difficult. It was easy for gangs and players to get unlimited salvage from ruins. But now they force you to move on to a next one to gain more salvage. This means more actions and less grinding.

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