Dawn 2055 massive update

October 04, 2015 | 0 Comments

Dawn 2055 update

Today on 4th October, Dawn 2055 team has published a quite large update pack into the game. This includes vehicle fuel reduction, trade order mechanics, 100 point skill calculation cap, free upgrade time, bug fixes and more. These changes were being requested by players in the Dawn 2055 Forum for a long time. Always a positive note that the developers actually implement the changes requested by their own players.

Closer look at the updates

Vehicle fuel reduction - Driving around in vehicles sure is a very fun aspect of the game. Now you can enjoy this feature even more as they take almost 2 times less fuel now.
Trade order mechanics - Shop orders were previously used by players for instant item transferring. So the need for shipping cargo and goods between towns disappeared. So from now on sold items are moved to a private storage and when order is placed, space will be reserved in the private storage.
100 point skill calculation cap - Individual players/mercs skill points may go above 100 points. This will help to rise averaging Group skills higher than before.

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