Dominus - Game 11

February 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Game 11 Just Started

Last game was even quicker than the one before it. Felious became Dominus in just over a week. Not only was it the quickest yet it was also the fastest growing and largest. At the end of the game over 100 people were joining every day. Many new people joined and seemed excited for next game. I think the Felious/Retribution/Loki group won't have it so easy in game 11.

The $5.75 prize pool goes to Felious who decided to roll it over to the next game. Game 11 starts with $5.75 in the prize pool


Game 11 will have some market and village changes.

  • Villages now have two levels of upgrades that increase resource production and enable hiring soldiers.

  • All resources have equal distribution on the map except for glass and grain. Glass is half and grain is the same as previous games.

  • Castle income is 10 for each resource type. Castle income won't effect the market anymore.

  • Soldier stats are adjusted to try to make them all equal but different. Footmen now have a bonus against pikemen. Each soldier type will cost 100 of a different resource. Footmen 100 ore, archers 100 lumber, pikemen 100 clay, cavalry 100 wool and catapults 100 glass.

  • Market tax is 25%. If your villages are collecting lots of wool then cavalry will be 25% cheaper for you than someone who has to buy wool through the market.

Game 11 started in Feb 20.
Everything is reset, create a new account to start playing.

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