Dominus game reset

February 04, 2015 | 0 Comments


Game 10 Just Started

Dominus is being reset. Create a new account to start playing.

Visit game website and additional information regarding Dominus browser game.

Last game was one of the quickest yet. Congrats to Tourist for winning. Dravon gained Dominus first but was soon replaced by Tourist. I'm pretty sure they worked together along with Retribution.

The $43.50 prize pool goes to Tourist.

Improvements since last game.

  • Improvements when playing on mobile phones or tablets.

  • It's now easy to tell if an army is moving or stopped and where they've come from. Their past two moves are highlighted on the map.

  • Performance is much better. No more lag when scrolling the map.

  • Lots of little bug fixes and improvements.

Game 10 started today. Everything is reset, create a new account to start playing Dominus.

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