Dominus round 13 - Krynn

April 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

Strategy based game Dominus is now at round 13. This round is also called Krynn. To be exact, it launched on wednesday [6:30]pm.

Game 13 - Krynn

Don't think that you missed a game and you can't play, make sure you check out their website to find all available rounds. Quite often different rounds have different settings to spice things up. There is always a "Test Server" game available if you don't want to jump in without knowing the game inside-out. Take yourself time and learn the game in test server, before you join the actual game round. If you find any bugs or encounter problems, make sure you report them to the staff. It is relatively new game and bugs could happen, so don't get frustrated about it. Staff is very active and will fix all problems if they know about the problems.

What's new?

Dominus games are fully automated, meaning they don't manually start or close game rounds. Little upgrade in the communication allows forum posts to be viewed in every game, not only the one they are posted in. It's recommended that you use the same e-mail in every round if you play with other players. This way the game system can keep a track of your achievements and know if you have bought store items.

Last game

The last game- Round 12 was a pretty huge success for Dominus. It is announced, that over 2,000 players were signed up for that round. The winner of the 12th round was a player called "Dravon", so congrats to the winner!

This next game will be limited to 200 players. Inactive people are deleted after 10 days.

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