GTRacer TeamSpeak channels

July 14, 2015 | 5 Comments

TeamSpeak GTRacerGTRacer has opened a TeamSpeak server for the community. Player called "Letsgorace" originally suggested the idea to the mods and quite soon after that it got approved. This of course means you need to use your headphones and mic. In addition you need a TeamSpeak to join GTRacer TS channels. 3 channels were made to liven up the community, players are allowed to talk about overall game related topics. One additional channel is for GTRacer moderators. Server IP address gives you access to these channels, enjoy.

Latest GTRacer fixes

Game is still not flawless and bugs are near impossible to avoid. They have fixed an issue that didn't allow forum registration. Generator for races, meetings and staff are also working now without problems. Overall lag-time has been significantly reduced.

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5 comments on “GTRacer TeamSpeak channels”

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