Immoral Attack beast invasion

June 14, 2015 | 1 Comments

Immoral Attack beast eventGet ready for Beast Invasion event in Immoral Attack. Event will take place on Sunday June 14th at 18:00 server time. Don't miss it, such events do not come that often. Beast invasion - Spawns any and all beasts, usually about 500+ spawn at a time. The more people online the more beasts that spawn, so spread the word. Its is good to see that Shadow Lights Entertainment cares about their players, regular events, suggestions are heard and bugs are fixed. If you like the game, show some support through donations.

What else is new in Immoral Attack

In addition to the Beast event, in-game purchases that are made this weekend will give you a chance to win a Dungeon Defenders Gift Collection on steam, each $1 is 1 Entry. Orders of $100 or more will be tripled on top of other item mall incentives. This deal is on until they have the server costs paid so if this notice is still up the deal is still on.

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