Immoral attack updates

April 14, 2015 | 1 Comments

Immoral Attack Game

  • Way to go player Fluffle_Puff, congrats for reaching 18 million kills (lifetime). For that, Fluffle_Puff has given the opportunity to name the rank (Infinite) as well as trinket (Immoral Edge).
  • Turtle-Asp Whale spawn rate has been adjusted. As of now it shares a roll with Shield Bearer, instead of being on its own roll. This will increase spawning rate. This makes the chance of spawning this beast and or the Shield Bearer a 1 in 550,000 (Before summoning) down from 1 in 1.1million for Shield Bearer and 1.5million for Turtle-Asp Whale.

  • New reborn cap of 630,000 for Immoral Mode.

  • ApexWebGaming votes reset at 0101 Game Time (Server) to for DST. Every other reset stays the same.

  • You can now spawn the Turtle-Asp Whale from any zone (will spawn in Time Temporal).

  • Shield Bearer will now drop 1-2 Immoral Engulfed Object Fragments if you already have the Mirror of Death.

  • The chance of getting over 100 drop for Cash Credits and Shard Dusts by staff of wonders has been increased by 100%.

  • Kingdom round is now over Black Hearts has won. Guild Jump Start packs have been passed to top 4 guilds. Demons of Death, Pink Ponies, A.D.D.

  • You will no longer go negative when copy and pasting your bank credits for withdrawl.

  • Fresh Item Mall weekly special available.

  • Bank page number formatting fixes.

  • Banks capacity has been upgraded up to 40 digits per bank account. Character credit limit has also been improved, adjusted to 31 digits.

  • IEO fragments trading now possible, at least two Immoral Soul Stones required to do so.

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