Immoral Attack - What's new?

May 02, 2015 | 0 Comments

To keep up with Immoral Attack, we need to take a thorough look at the latest changes in the game. These changes will include system fixes and additional features.

  • New Kingdom Ideology: The feature itself is not finished yet, currently it will just let you know about your Militaristic percentage.

  • Overall the game has been improved and you may notice that the game runs a little bit faster.

  • Halflings are now live and you may look into Kingdom Guide for more info for that matter.

  • Bug fix for randomly displaying the Strange Essence amount in other Essence inventory spaces. This could be encountered when one of those essences had been acquired.

  • The upkeep needed for Riflemen and Knights has been changed and all troops provide less population births.

  • Fixed the forum that caused non-logged in users to see some bugs in the displaying of information.

  • If you have lost land because of your cap, it will not be posted into the chat so more players would know about it.

  • Fixed a system bug that caused a war win to be counted if you lost against a player in your guild.

  • Depending on how large your military population, the Peons will now give less credits (if over 50%).

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