Immortal Attack updates

January 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

So whats new in Immortal attack? Full listing of updated features below:

-New auto attack function. More autos may be purchased on the Item Mall.
-Thieves are released. Operations thieves may perform are disabled for 24 hours to give everyone a chance to train some. The max number of Thieves one may have is based on land (Land/10 million). Alts and anyone without a charter will be limited to 5 thieves. This is also the default given to everyone at the time of this update. Any new accounts made after this update will only start with 1.
-New heavily hit rules with kingdoms: A kingdom will be marked as green yellow or red now when selecting. With red being a heavily hit kingdom, yellow a recently hit/moderately hit kingdom, green untouched or havent been hit in a while. The more hits upon a kingdom leads to fewer gains from the kingdom and less losses from the defender. Every 50 minutes a kingdom is untouched it will reduce its recently hit meter by 50%. Each hit on a kingdom increases its recently hit meter by 50%. As we test out this system please feel free to make any comments on the forums regarding it with any constructive ideals to the system.
-New Item: Manticore Spine - This item will grant the user 500-1,500 kills when killing a Manticore. This item will also grant an extra Magic Rock drop on every Magic Rock drop the character receives removing a Manticore Kill.
-Dark Dragon of Chaos has been updated to now grant 1-25 Reborns upon kill (Provided you are not already capped out on Reborns); The beast has also been updated to grant 5-25 Birth Stone Charges. (Up from 1-5)
-Fixed an issue that would cause the Shaman Totem to only display in your inventory if it was activated.
-Fixed an issue with the NPC Golemei that would allow you to trade out Power Shard levels you did not have for Skill Shard Levels.
-Cleaned up waste code in actions script.
-Corrected the display for a unactivated account on all pages that where not just the login. (Although they should never make it to those other pages.)
-Banks have been added. Users will be given 7 days to utilize them before the release of Thieves which can steal your credits. Information on Bank Security Levels may be found on the forums.
-New NPC Golemei, this NPC will swap Power Shard levels for Shard of Skillfulness levels at no additional cost. There is no swap backs.

Play Immoral Attack.

Immoral Attack

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