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July 03, 2015 | 2 Comments

Crew will be working during this summer for more features. There are already some fresh content like Team update, General store inventory, crafting updates, etc.

Roboid releases

Latest of updates

Team feature updated, year has now 4x three months seasons. General equip store has its inventory improved. Speciality armors can no longer be bought under General Store, it must be crafted from now on. Added the opportunity for players to buy or even sell their crafting materials.

Latest of features

The msot important new feature is Crafting Materials. Another feature is a new bar in the dashboard to give you a better view of what's important.

What does the future hold?

Even more new robot models. Crafting feature under the corner. New resources and in-game items. In addition, message boards will come soon. Districts loyalty tagging effects. Message boards for better user experience. Lots of additional updates, keep an eye on Roboid's fresh releases.

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