Manapot Halloween Event 2016

October 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

halloween manapot game

ManaPot 2016 Halloween event is taking place from Oct 24th until Nov 6th. Event setup is similar to the previous ManaPot Halloween event. A year has passed and ManaPot has grown bigger and is even more entertaining. Grab the Halloween items and candies, because these items can only be obtained while this event lasts, have fun!

Halloween event details:

Skeleton Costume - Collect Skeleton Bones in order to make the Skeleton Costume.

Halloween Background Image - Find 100 Bones to get a unique Halloween ingame background.

Jack-o'-lantern - Get an awesome companion with 3 stat bonuses.

Red Halloween Mask - Halloween mask that gives 5% chance to devour their slain enemy, in addition a healing power (1-25% of the enemy's health) as while wearing this item you will get twice as much bones.

Halloween Cloak - Halloween Cloak that increases experience gained in fights (10% for Skeletons).

Bags of Candy - Contains rare items or candy when used.

Zombie Costume - You can get it from Bags of Candy, put together 3 pieces to get the set.

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