My Little Farmies christmas event

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My Little Farmies Christmas event

For a limited time in My Little Farmies you can collect exclusive Christmas Baubles as well as the North Pole. In addition some other great Prizes that you should keep an eye on. Christmas event will last till 15th December. You can also find some Christmas decorations at ingame shop in exchange for Thalers and Gold Bars. Every decoration gives you some Snowmen and when you reach 30000 of them, you will unlock the North Pole.

What is the North Pole?

Special event place that is accessible until 15th December. This place will allow you to plant Christmas Trees in exchange for Thalers and Gold Bars. When you have planted the trees, you will start passively get some Christmas Baubles and after the event you will get some awesome prizes.

Christmas Baubles prizes

  • 500 Christmas Baubles - 1 x Spice Trader card piece.

  • 750 Christmas Baubles - 1 x Gold Booster.

  • 1500 Christmas Baubles - 4 x Spice Trader card piece.

  • 3000 Christmas Baubles - 10 x Spice Trader card piece.

  • 7500 Christmas Baubles - 35 x Spice Trader card piece.

If you have in total of 50 Spice Trader card pieces then you can build a Spice Trader that will passively start providing you various plants every three hours. Spice Trader car pieces can also be tradable with other players.

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