Nations fresh looks

April 28, 2015 | 1 Comments

Nations is mobile friendly

Create your own NationNations is mobile friendly, meaning the game dashboard will adjust to the screen and make your gameplay more enjoyable. It doesn't matter what smartphone or tablet your use, it calculates the screen resolutions and gives your the best solution. If you play at home using your home desktop, you would not notice much. The difference is when you decide to play while waiting a bus or walking home and you need the urge to check how you are doing in game. While most browser games would be slow like hell and text would run off the screen, Nations has solved such problems by advanced design methods.

Beautiful game design

Nations is as modern as it gets, you can see that they have tried to go with the clean and modern looks. The first time you visit Nations you notice this minimalist touch that gets your attention.
Interested in the gameplay? check out Nations below:

Play Nations

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