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July 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

Level 99 NeverGrindCongratulations to a hardcore character called Zzion who was the first to reach level 99 in Nevergrind. Zzion character type is a Human Cleric. It only took him few months to achieve that. Such determination is outstanding. Many have tried to reach level 99, but Zzion just made it look so easy with that short amount of time. Good job to everyone else who have few levels missing from that goal, keep up the good work!

In-game chatting

Nevergrind has been working hard with the chatting system that was recently integrated into the players dashboard. Players can insert images, videos, and hyperlinks into the chat to instantly share with other players. You can insert GIF animations to back up your funny quotes or share a trailer of some awesome new game you just discovered.

Chat system

This sure brings players closer together since communication is the key for browser games. New tabs system to communicate with the whole chatroom and individual persons at the same time. In addition you can whisper to other players in the chatroom. Chats also allow you to keep and eye on latest updates about your character.

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