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January 14, 2015 | 1 Comments


Mission Cosmos is a�new 2016 browser game that has recently been launched hoping to win old-school gamers hearts. This game is as fresh as it gets, but chose to maintain old-school looks/design.

Rather than focusing on the looks, this game has its priorities on game features�and user gameplay experience.

2016 browser gameThe game is still BETA and going into�Fighting browser games�category.

Don't worry about your character being reset if the game is fully complete. All your character data will be untouched, the game has officially started and players can enjoy the game without problems.

Since the game is still in development, updates will be made�frequently. Game is still playable, but few bugs may occur obviously from time-to-time.

Here are some latest updates that were made recently:

1) All "Auto Attacks" are now twice as long, so when the auto attacking�is ON then players�will gain more experience / faster leveling.
2) "Casino" and "Key Wheel" features added and they working perfectly.
3)�"Battle Quests" and "Tradeskill/Resource" quests are now in place.
4)�Players can now use their�AP to increase their�Strength, Agility and Defence via "Your Stats".
5)�Level Achievements are now in place.
6)�Mining Level Achievements are now in place also.
7)�Battle Level Achievements.

... Lots of other updates are in progress and many features still in development.

This game also got its place in browser games 2016 listing.

What exactly is mission cosmos?

To view the game ratings and description with their game website link, view Mission Cosmos review page.

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