New game at Dominus

July 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

A new game has just started at Dominus. In the near future there is also another game that starts at 6th July on Monday. This Monday game will start in their special Speed Server. This means very fast battles and unit movements and increase in villages amount.

Dominus game

Currently on-going Dominus games

Krynn - Has over 100 players already, started on 1st July.
Dev - Game for testing all the features and exploring what the game has to offer. Sometimes the game resets and changes its parameters without a notice.
Arda - This is the default game, but has already nearly 300 players, which is currently the maximum limit of players per Normal game.
Andor - Lots of villages, fast units, but catapults are made less effective, this game is also near full.

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