R.I.P ZeldereX Online

June 14, 2015 | 43 Comments

For quite some time now, ZeldereX Online has been offline. There are no signs that the game is going to be revived in the future. Their facebook feed has also stopped and no announcements have been published by ZeldereX team that the game will continue any time soon. The last round that the game has was Round 37 of World 1. Game was developed by Evil Cat Games. No premium gold refunds will be given out. They were not known and didn't have popular browser games. Browser gaming competition is tough and everyone can't be on top. Fortunately there are other similar games that have a huge community and active development and no signs of stopping. We suggest you find yourself another similar SciFi browser game.

One last glance at ZeldereX Online

Main goal was to lead and control the galaxy. had five different races to choose from. You could manage your own planet like in similar SciFi games. Of course you built yourself an army manage its equipment and advance your empire. It was supposed to be a Massive multiplayer strategy game, but sadly there was nothing massive about the community.

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