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April 20, 2015 | 1 Comments

Continuing with their commitment to keep improving gameplay by adding more activities and multi-player action, Roboid recently launched a Teams feature! Working like guilds found in other games, Teams unite players to compete against other teams, climb the leaderboards, win over fans, and earn lucrative sponsorships. Sponsorships mean more money for team members!

Roboid Teams feature

Teams can also save up to take major actions to benefit their team or make trouble for other teams. For example, running a smear campaign against another team is expensive... but can dramatically cut their fan numbers and therefor their profits!

The teams feature will expand to include even more benefits for members and options for team activities and missions.

Also in the pipeline is the next, and largest feature addition to date. An exploration game which plays like a simple, browser-based MUD. The developer is currently building a game engine which will be used in Roboid for this feature. You can follow the progress of that project (and even use it to build your own games) here.

Lots more to come and continuing TLC for Roboid - 100% mobile friendly, free sci-fi RPG!

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