The most advanced economy simulator

April 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

Producers & Traders - By the look of it, you would think that this is a cheap game with bad design. A closer look will determine, that all of the quality has went into the functionalities. There are so many options and decisions to choose from, that it couldn't be any more realistic.

Game is actually made for germans, but has english support as well. It has been online for many years and is actively developed.

If you know the game inside-out and can manage to be successful in the game, there is a high chance you could do the same in the actual real world. All of the situations you encounter in-game are taken from real life examples. This is the closest you can get to economy simulation.

Producers and Trades simulator

At first it might get frustrating, because at first there is just too much information at once. If you think you can learn the game with few days, then you are wrong. It could take a year to learn it if not more. But if you like challenging games, then this is it. On the other hand, if you like easy games with easy win, you better stay away from it.


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