Torn City autumn celebration

October 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

Torn City autumn event

The first thing that changed in autumn at Torn City is the removal of IP restrictions. This means that you can use two computers to play Torn. Good for siblings to play Torn without getting their accounts locked. This will of course increase the chances of abusing the system, players with multiple accounts will increase without a doubt. In addition players can now transfer items and money from accounts that share the same IP.

Torn City nerve barAnother important update is the increased Nerve amount to 60. Nerve allows you to commit crimes, which allows you to gain money and experience. This means easier leveling. This does not mean that you will instantly have 60 Nerve. They have just increased the Nerve Cap limit to 60. You can increase your Nerve by using Merits. Merits can be gained if you complete achievements for example get a new Honor.

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