Virtonomics introduced in HR Summit

May 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

Let's take a look at the event that HR industry created. Event itself based on the expertise of EAB (Expert Advisory Board) and SFM (Speaker Faculty Members). Gamification gurus, various experts and HR practitioners with gamification mindset introduced latest features about game design techniques as well as game mechanics. Event held various topics like employee management, branding, development, employee engagements and so on.


Business experts could meet with Virtonomics crew and the Virtonomics platform was presented to them so they could learn unique the platform of Virtonomics really is. The audience also had a closer look at the platform. The main reason for Virtonomics success is about the system itself. Virtonomics lets you feel that your every little detailed decision affects your results. This is the only way we could learn from the game. If the game was about who spent more time playing, it wouldn't be a success. If you play Virtonomics, you can actually learn how to control various sides of your business.

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