What browser games to play when bored

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What browser games to play when bored

Are you feeling bored? Don't worry because we offer you browser games with lots of action. We guarantee you that there are still some exciting games available.

Command & Conquer

It's a conquering game where your goal is to defeat other players. The stronger the opponent, the higher rewards after winning the battle. Obviously when you attack a newbie player, then you get almost no rewards, this puts low players at ease as they don't have to worry about high levels taking them down. As a newbie you can and should follow their one-time tutorial and discover its' features. Build various facilities to own a strong base. However, if the opponent is stronger and conquers your base, you ought to move the base to start repairing. After base movement there is a recovery time which excludes the possibility to move. Keep an eye on base information where you can find out your score, base name, coordinates and attacking info. Access your base to construct Power Plant, Command Center, Factory, Airfield and other buildings. Don't forget to read the description of each building so you could work out best strategies.

Command & Conquer - Tiberium alliances

Construction Yard is the main building in your base that unlocks new facilities. It's a unique construction that holds up the entire base. Once the Construction Yard has been destroyed, the base will also be destroyed. If you start building other facilities, you should keep in mind that each construction has requirements. For instance, Refinery can be built after upgrading the Construction Yard to the 4th level and having enough tiberium resource.

Command & Conquer is an excellent browser game that requires constant upgrading. You can spend more than just two minutes per day with it. You must discover strategies that allow you to defeat the enemy, not the other way around. Lots of features and other players so can't get bored.

The Dark Ages idle game

This game is not the typical idle game where you spend most of the time clicking on items and that's it. In The Dark Ages idle game your main purpose is to protect your city. First you should create an army, build barracks and recruit axe warriors. Before recruiting attackers you can find out their unique advantages and strategies.

shadow kings dark ages

Nevertheless, you don't have to wait until opponents attack your city, but you can attack them first. Battles are short and you can easily collect rewards after a victory. Fighting against opponents is a great way to upgrade levels and unlock new buildings. Upgrading a facility gives the possibility to produce more resources. If you don't know what to do next, just follow tasks from a quest book. Increasing your city means more citizens which also gives an opportunity to collect more taxes. This idle game is surely a lot more than just endless clicking!

Kingdoms CCG

It's a card collecting game where clever strategies are needed. Your aim is to get best cards and use them to defeat the enemy. Before it is your turn in a battle, you draw a card and gain Mana. You need Mana to be able to play cards. Having a great deck is a huge advantage in Kingdoms CCG. However, without a strategy your winning chances are not that great.

Kingdoms ccg card game

The game includes four different types of cards - Creature, Gear, Spell and Rune Word. Each type of card has particular advantages and your job is to use right cards at the right time. Some cards cause more damage and some of them, which can't attack the opponent, are just for protection. While purchasing or winning new cards, you can find common or uncommon cards, but also rare, epic and legendary cards. Rare cards are powerful, but also harder to obtain. Learn the basic skills and acquire more advanced techniques. There are six Kingdoms, 27 Heroes and more than 800 amazing cards. How could you ever get bored?


Illyriad is a classic strategic browser game where the main focus is on empire building. Start with a small city and turn it into a mighty empire. The game offers action as you can play it as much as you'd like. Your goal can be achieved after a lot of work and consistent gaming.

Illyriad strategy game

Basic resources are wood, iron, stone, clay and food. There's a overview of resources to give you information about resource production. Food is necessary to feed city's workers, meanwhile other resources are required for constructing buildings. Facilities are important as you could research technologies, create items, build armies and much more. Complete quests to let your empire grow and fulfil the dream.

Do you feel that your favourite types of games aren't in this list? Let's fix that right away, there are more than 900 other interesting browser games to choose from. Use the game category selection if you are looking for a specific type games, happy gaming!

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