World of Dungeons drifter class

May 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

New patch version 1.2 released for World of Dungeons. The main update in the patch is a totally new class. This new class is called Drifter and has many unique skills and has various playing styles. The new class can be quite similar to the Priest. Drifters also have different builds you can try, keep in mind that visiting their forum is a good idea, as you may see what builds other players have already tested.

World of Dungeons Drifter

Drifter can have various paths, it may focus on defensive gameplay style as well as aggressive style. It is recommended to try out melee type of attacking if you choose to play as the Drifter while dealing maximum damage.
Drifter may also use buffs and other defensive skills and combine it with range damage for better defensive gameplay.

Keep in mind that some values and features involving the new Drifter class may change in time. Developers may change some options for the new class and tweak it as they wish, this is to keep the new class balanced. Players of the new class may convert free of charge if they don't want to use reset points.

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