World of Dungeons patch notes

June 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

World of Dungeons 2015To try and make the skill as good as minor-,rune magery. The "reinforced smithing" will now give more melee skill bonuses. Now it's also expanded to more melee based skills. Also anvil level requirements are now lower to make them more useful. There are more skill changes coming up. Testing the right values will take time, but the results will be more balanced. Most of the skills will be changed so please keep and open mind and help the WoD team with feedback as it would help a lot.

Latest bug problems in World of Dungeons

Lately there are more bugs than ever and the crew is well aware of that. For example there are currently problems with Missing Blunderbuss attacks, double shot healing, wrong double shot damage and so on. The World of Dungeons Crew is already working on these fixes and more player reported problems. Such features have not been checked for a long time so there is no way of knowing when the problems occured. The problems didn't seem to malfunction before so there is also the issue when and why they are all not working properly. Tracking all of the bugs down will take time, but with the players help, hopefully not forever.

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