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May 05, 2015 | 0 Comments

Latest announcement from xNova informs players about shipyards capacity. The new limit has been raised to 2,400 ships per Shipyard. We are also going to have a closer look at other latest changes at xNova and remind you about the on-going giveaway.

Few other main changes

  • Friendly fleets will now have lower rates, this could be just a temporary fix since this was changed for testing.

  • In-game alliance vault capacity increased, it can now hold 5 billion resources at once.

  • Planet temperature has been modified, to be more exact the temperature has been raised by 5 percent.

  • A raise in the chance of moon - 5 percent increased (Current total - 17%).

  • Ingame chat system bug fixed, that cause the chat not to save entries from time to time.

  • Wars between alliance will collect outcome points after battles have ended.

  • Fixed the error that appeared if you were building three buildings at the same time.

  • Registration and sign-up process has been improved.

These are just some changes that are recently made, xNova is actively developed and is improving every day. It is a joy to see that this game advances rapidly and gains a lot of new users.

Future plans in May

May will full of weekend events, every weekend will bring a new event. Make sure to keep an eye on xNova facebook to follow their latest events.

xNova giveaway still active

Make sure you use the free xNova giveaway code to gain free resources. This is especially useful for new players, who need a boost at the beginning.

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