The Best Browser Games for the Lockdown

December 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

During the Lockdown you need some more alternatives than the default games you have in your portfolio. There is a broad selection of video games available today. Some of them are free while others have a monthly subscription. Some gamers assume that free browser games have low quality.

But, they can be interesting and a lot of classic games can now run on various web browsers as well. Besides, you do not have to install anything to play these games. Here are seven non-standard browser game suggestions you could play right now during lockdown.

1. MafiaDeath

MafiaDeath is one of the longest-running persistent mafia themed browser based games on the internet today. It is a text-based game that allows you to build your your way up to the top. It does not have rounds or resets and has been running for over 15 years. You can play the game for free or you can purchase credits to help you progress faster. The game has a great community and is a lot of fun to play.

2. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing was launched several years ago. It has drop-down menus that allow you to choose attacks. The page refreshes whenever you visit a new area. Kingdom of Loathing has pun-based classes. For example, Disco Bandits mock their enemies to start a war. The game has different enemy types. It allows you to interact with other people and join guilds. Even so, you cannot compete with other players directly.

3. Wonderputt

Wonderputt is a great flash game with a well-trimmed mini-golf. But it is Flash based and most browsers don't allow flash to run anymore because it's a security risk. The levels change into elegant courses where you will test your gaming skills. The game is easy to play. You need to place your cursor at an angle to power a shot.

4. Isleward

At first glance, Isleward doesn't resemble a typical multiplayer game. It involves selecting the characters and being dumped in Stratford City. There, you will trace your route and activate different actions. Isleward has several monsters that you need to eliminate to reach higher levels. After a while, you will meet other people who might join you in your adventure. Furthermore, it is more exciting to play with different characters compared to being alone. Isleward has many treasures and islands to explore.

5. Doom

Many browsers support Doom via an emulator. As a Doom Slayer, you will kill dangerous demons. The game is a thrilling first-person shooter with many enemies and explosives. You need to traverse several rooms to access these weapons. Use them to secure the space station. Although Doom was launched over two decades ago, its gameplay still excites many players.


The game has colored graphics and a lined background. In the beginning, you will eat small colored dots that will help you grow. You will then move to adjacent circles as you avoid being engulfed by large circles. You will eat more food as you grow. In advanced stages, you might have to feast on other players. If you meet a fast and tiny player, you can divide your circle to shoot players.

7. Spelunky

Even though Spelunky is originally a PC game, you can now play Spelunky in the browser. Spelunky has many hidden treasures that you can locate as you kill monsters. At times, you will have to cross many pitfalls to conceal your loot. The game has random levels that provide an enjoyable gaming experience. It is appropriate for high scorers and racing fans.

Are you a video game enthusiast? Some people believe that one needs a powerful computer to play modern games. But, you can play different browser games including the Kingdom of Loathing, Wonderputt, Isleward, Doom,, and Spelunky. It isn't necessary to install them on your PC. You can play single player or multiplayer games in your browser nowadays.

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