BrowserDota exclusive giveaway

October 06, 2015 | 1 Comments

BrowserDota Exclusive Giveaway

BrowserDota is offering an exclusive giveaway to new players. By signing up with giveaway link at the bottom of this article, you will get 1 week free Premium User plan, which makes your gameplay much smoother and more focused on strategy rather than doing monotonous tasks. Since BrowserDota is played in weekly matches, you will start off with all of the benefits of being a Premium User during the entire match!

What exactly does this giveaway contain?

+2 extra daily consumables guaranteed - start the day with a stock of 6 consumables instead of 4.

Consumables with timers will now stack - Wards, Smokes, Tangos and Taffies will now stack durations, so you can buy more than one at once and not have to replenish the timer after their initial duration is finished.

Pick which lane to automatically go after being full HP/MP - Whilst all players are automatically moved to the Safe Lane, you can choose between Hard Lane and Jungle after regenerating to full HP/MP at the Base.

Multiple Skill Orders - You will be able to set different skill orders for attacking, defending, ganking jungle/quick ganking and for ganking low HP targets. No need to manually change your build every time you want to gank in a different way.

+4 Party Members - Add up to 7 people to your party so you can keep track and compete against more players.

Favorite Targets List and Recently Ganked List - You will be able to mark targets as a 'favorite' and have them show up in a special list for easy access when they appear on the lane again.

BrowserDota giveaway link

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