Core Exiles Premium Key Giveaway

March 22, 2019 | 6 Comments

NewRPG Core Exiles

Core Exiles and NewRPG have teamed up to provide you with some awesome bonuses, such as free premium. Only 250 keys in total are available!

Core Exiles is a Sci-fi Browser Game a decade in the making. We hold our hands in the air at being 'Old School', but we have a game here with so much depth and breadth you will be tripping over new things to do in many years from now! Core Exiles players have burnt over 1 Billion units of Fuel! Mined over 562 million units of resources, moved over 600 million units of cargo, fought over 11.7 million combat sorties, salvaged 582,000 of them and looted over 801 million units of loot!

[keys id=7005]

How to use this giveaway code

1. Create an account HERE
2. Login from HERE
3. Redeem Key from in-game Panel (CE Guides - MMO Serial Handin)

Giveaway Key bonuses:

- 1 X Specially designed 'NEWRPG Reactor'.
- 5,000 IP added to your Skills IP Pool.
- We will top of your Fuel Tank to 3,500 units!
- We will add 500 Festive Points to Spend in the Festive Store.
- We will issue you a 5,000 unit Fuel Ticket to your fuel depot account.
- Finally, we give you a One Month Full Premium Account Upgrade.
Game can be played even after Premium expires!

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