Battlestar is dead. Long live Galactic Warfare!

July 05, 2020 | 1 Comments

Battlestar is no more. Its developer has created a new game called Galactic Warfare. We've done an interview with the developer to find out more about this major change!

Any differences between Battlestar and Galactic Warfare?

Isometric view of base

The main difference between the two games is the view of the game. In Battlestar, construction buildings was just a picture of a building in a box and a build button. Very old style. Galactic Warfare features a moveable isometric view of a planet's terrain with buildings on it. There are hot, normal and cold planets and the planet temperature affects the terrain design.

Did the gameplay change as well?

Yes, there are some tweaks. The planet development speeds have been increased drastically, resources are gained faster and the PvP battle mechanics logic has been completely revamped.

As a player you now receive your data (messages, chat, fleet, etc.) in real time. That means you don't have to refresh the page to receive them.

Can you describe yourself?

My name is Martin, I've been interested in browser based games since I was a kid and I've dreamed about having one. I'm passionate about programming and all sci-fi stuff so that's how the game's idea was born. I've started the game development with my two brothers back in 2011 as Battlestar, but we were young and inexperienced and did not yet realize that name wouldn't be suitable. That is why the game was renamed in the first place.

Do you work alone, or with a team / company?

I used to work on the game with my brothers, but they lost interest in the process so now I'm the only one developing it. That is why I don't actually have a role. I'm required to do the programming, designing, marketing, etc. all by myself.

How long did the creation of Galactic Warfare take?

It took about 2 years to rework the game engine and design. The hardest part was making it to work in real-time. That was required since now you stay mostly on the terrain view page and if somebody sends you message or fleet you have to receive this notification in the interface without having to refresh the page.

How would you describe Galactic Warfare to new players?

Star system overview

Galactic warfare is a free sci-fi game that's played on your internet browser, with no required downloads or special software, though it does save your progress. Starting out with one planet you will make your way to create an empire. Build a strong fleet, research new technologies, ally with other players to protect your colonies or dominate the galaxy.

How many players play the game?

Currently there are about 20 active players. Players can communicate via private messages, global chat, alliance chat or alliance global messages.

Any plans for the future?

My main future efforts are in bug-fixing and optimizing the game. The most important right now is growing the community that is playing Galactic Warfare. I'm actively listening to the current player base and trying to react to their suggestions if they are considered positive.

Ending thought

This marks the end of this interview. If you are interested in Galactic Warfare after reading about the developer's thoughts, go and have a look!

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