Top 3 best web browser games 2017

July 14, 2016 | 1 Comments

best web based games 2017

Based on the community and popularity, here are the top 3 best web based BBGs of 2017. Game community means a lot since these types of games require interactions with other players. There are people who leave the game just because they don't feel welcome, but a list of worst games will be seen another time. Let's see what browser games are well-known for their friendly community as well as have lots of players.

Mafia Returns

Not a cheesy mafia type browser game, but rather makes you think strategically about your moves. If you piss someone off, then they will most likely kill you and yes - you can die in this game. Maybe this is the reason why the community is so warm - nobody wants problems so it's safer to play nice.

Unique mafia based web game

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This game used to have a required premium membership in order to play once your trial has ended. This could be why the players are so supportive of each other - if you pay for your game, then you will make it count. But the game is free to play now so even if you don't have any bucks to spare, you can still enjoy this lovely strategy game.

AD2460 SciFi Strategy

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The Kingdom of Loathing

If we are talking about friendly community then we just can't go past Kingdom of Loathing. Players and the crew is so chill and helpful that it makes you want to be less selfish yourself. Game is packed with humor and frequent new content.

Text based browser game

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